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What is DaddyCon?

DaddyCon is the first of it’s kind ultimate dad focused parenting convention. The event is focused on bringing fatherhood to the forefront of the parenting conversation. With events across the US, DaddyCon brings interactive sessions, exhibitors, and giveaways to new dads everywhere! The event was created for dads, by dads who have been there. The team behind DaddyCon wants dads everywhere to get together, talk about fatherhood and be involved in raising awesome citizens. Sessions will explore the first two years of parenting in a way that is informative, and not patronizing. The event convention will take a playful approach to discussing all aspects of fatherhood: from being there at birth through every diaper change, scraped knee and ballet recital. The conversation will explore first-hand accounts from todays most prominent father figures while exploring the bond fathers have with their children.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here is a quote from one of our rad dad attendees.

“My first Daddycon was amazing. I’ve never been in that kind of environment – to know that I was among hundreds of dads who were dadding just like me. It was so awesome to meet other dads who were there for the same reason I was… to find friends, to meet other dads, to feel support like never before. Daddycon was more than just a side event along with Mommycon. It was an amazing weekend that pulled me into a different world – a world of support and dadship that I’ve never experienced before.” – Andrew N.


The Speakers

Benjamin Martian
Benjamin Martian Co- Creator and Executive Producer

Benjamin Martian is the Co-Creator and Executive Producer of the animated fantasy/comedy series "Tigtone" on Adult Swim. His life, and perspective on birth, was forever changed when he experienced assisting his badass woman, Bianca Lemaire, who is an actor and a doula, with the home water birth of their daughter, Corvus Mellori. They are currently preparing to do it all again with their 2nd child, with whom they are currently 10 weeks pregnant. Benjamin is greatly looking forward to reprising his role as Bianca’s “dude-la”.

David Brown
David Brown Babywearing educator and Car Seat Tech at The Babywearing CPST

Dave Brown is a Babywearing educator and Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). Since 2008, he has transitioned from Editor/Producer to homeschooling stay-at-home Dad to 4 children. When not at Disneyland wearing babies, he’s riding Vespas and dancing to the Ska.

Laine Lipsky
Laine Lipsky Parent Educator

Laine Lipsky is a Master Teacher (BA/MAT, Brown University) and multi-certified parent educator. Her background includes being an elite athlete, game design, yoga, all of which she folds into her unique parenting approach. She is a proud, imperfect mom of two wonderful, imperfect kids.

Jorge Narvaez
Jorge Narvaez Social Media Influencer

Jorge, went from a teen father to meeting former President of United States Barack Obama. How? For the past couple of years Jorge has been active on and offline to spread his message of Family, Community, Art, Music and most importantly Fatherhood! These past couple of years he has sat in dozens of panels, presentations and keynotes across the country. He has been featured with Youtube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki, performed on the Ellen Show with his daughter Alexa and has won a Premios Tu Mundo award!

Dr. Matt Seitman
Dr. Matt Seitman The Attached Abba

Matt is a psychologist working with clients with significant needs by day and father to two by night. He is glad that his oldest just potty trained because he is solely responsible for changing diapers. When he is not healing minds and actively parenting, he writes a blog dedicated to: attachment parenting, social justice, and redefining masculinity.

Maurice Vernon
Maurice Vernon COO of Joining Together Eliminating Poverty

SuperDad is a proud father of four. He encourages all dads to be super by maintaining an active role in their kids' lives and working with their parenting partner to raise a happy, healthy family.

Mat York
Mat York Creator of That Dad Mat

Mat has a genuine passion for guiding parents in this season of life & for fostering healthy, happy families through positive education, & honest, lighthearted speaking events. Mat comes to us as a Professional Babywearing Consultant, CPST, and Cloth Diaper Enthusiast ready to help dads find their place in modern parenting.

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